CARAD: Eat. Share. Connect. GIVE to Refugee Week

CARAD is incredibly proud to be launching a new and exciting fundraising campaign in celebration of Refugee Week, called 'Eat. Share. Connect. GIVE.'

It’s simple! Just host a lunch or dinner for friends, with colleagues, at your workplace, community association or social media group and ask each guest to donate to participate. They get to enjoy a night of delicious food, great company, conversation and fun, and you donate the funds raised to support CARAD. Your options are endless … pick a cultural theme or choose dishes from around the world; you can cook yourself, get everyone to bring a dish or cook together; set a donation fee for guests to attend or just ask them to donate whatever they wish!

The funds raised through this initiative will go towards our winter fundraising appeal to help CARAD raise $12,000. This will enable CARAD to meet the demands of more people needing emergency relief assistance by providing vouchers to clients so they can purchase items which are not available through our Foodbank Program.

If you are interested in hosting an event, please contact us for more information or to register!