A MASSIVE BIG THANK YOU to the AMNESTY MARGARET RIVER REFUGEE RATIONS CHALLENGE TEAM 2017 who raised an extraordinary amount of $9,000.00 for CARAD.

On behalf of everyone at CARAD we are very grateful to be chosen as the beneficiary for your event during Refugee Week, and participants, donators, supporters and organisers alike, should be extremely proud of such a great result. We thank you so much for your help as we couldn’t do it without you!

40 locals of all ages and from all walks of life participated in the challenge and raised these funds last month to support refugees by living on the same rations as a Syrian refugee as issued by the UN in a refugee camp, ie rice, lentils, chick peas, flour, vegetable oil, kidney beans and sardines.

“It is a brilliant result and demonstrates the generosity and compassion of our Margaret River community” said Amnesty member and campaign coordinator, Pauline McLeod. “The team was an amazing mix of people, including our Shire President, deputy president and two councillors, an accountant, a builder, tour operators, small business owners, teachers, librarian and home makers. IGA helped with the rations.”

Team members Nicky and Simon Hanson said “The challenge was like living the life of a refugee for 5 days. It was a real challenge and made us realise how hard it is to be a refugee and how privileged we are. At least we were able to return to normal life on Friday when the challenge finished”.

“Some found it easy, some invented very creative ways to survive on the rations, some paid the odd fine for “slip ups” to get through, but most found it very hard. It will certainly be a memorable week for everyone” said Pauline.

Here are some comments from participants before the challenge;

“I can't imagine what it's like to have so little to eat for 5 days, let alone for years; to exist for years without hope and only a remote chance of any freedom”.

"We live in a greedy society, we demand better facilities, better roads and complain when a restaurant meal is not up to standard....while around the world many others are grateful for a shelter, small bowl of rice and drinking water, because they realize that so many others do not have these simple things. This challenge brings us back to reality and makes us realize not only how fortunate we are but also that we can make a difference to someones life by being involved.”

“In a world of over abundance and waste, crazy weight loss diets and obsession with TV cooking shows, here is a chance ( and a challenge) to experience for 5 days only, what it is like to do without or do with less, like refugees in camps awaiting resettlement.”