CARAD reacts to new government policy

Together with CARAD

CARAD will always support people seeking safety in our community. We cannot allow people to become destitute or be sent back to harm.

The Australian government has already started to enact their new policy changes regarding asylum seekers who were evacuated from offshore detention for medical reasons. They were allowed to come to the Australian mainland on extremely strict conditions due to a lack of appropriate health care in the centres. Now, they are being told their support from the Australian government has ended, starting immediately. This leaves some of our most vulnerable clients, people already facing difficult medical situations and restricted rights within Australia, to fend for themselves. 

CARAD has committed to be the lead agency in Western Australia supporting the clients affected by these policy changes with their welfare and practical needs including money, food, and prescription medication.

You can help us by donating funds, gift vouchers or food pantry items.

We are dedicated to supporting these clients through this incredibly difficult time, and deeply appreciate the support given to us by people like you.