#LetThemStay 2017 Campaign

As you have heard in the news there have been significant changes to the immigration status of people seeking safety who have been transferred to mainland Australia from Manus Island or Nauru for medical treatment.  Many of these people living in Western Australia are known to CARAD though our Detention Visiting Program or are receiving assistance through our Case Management Program.

On Monday, 28 August, they met with their Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) case workers and told that the financial support that are receiving through Status Resolution Support Services (SRSS) payments ceased immediately.  They were also told that their accommodation in community detention housing will cease on 17 September and that they are now on Bridging Visa E’s, for 6 months with departure conditions.
These extremely vulnerable people are being told that at the expiry of their Bridging Visa’s they will be returned to Manus Island or Nauru – where the essential medical treatment they need is not available - or back to their home country.
You can read more about this situation HERE.

CARAD has committed to be the lead agency in Western Australia supporting these client with their welfare and practical needs.
The people that these changes effect have already begun to come through our doors and we are currently assessing all their needs and providing them with emergency relief and practical support at this very difficult time.

If you’re looking for a simple and practical way to help support people seeking safety and #LetThemStay here in Australia, especially those seeking medical treatment from Manus Island and Nauru, you can:

  1. Read these stories and share widely.
  2. Call/write to your local MP & Senators, and put pressure on them to speak up and to act to #LetThemStay and to #BringThemHere
  3. Donate to CARAD, a leading organisation in WA, supporting these people:
  • Financial contributions for those with no income and in need of ER https://www.givenow.com.au/letthemstay17
  • SmartRiders with credit (preferably $50 or $100 values)
  • Supermarket vouchers (preferably $50)
  • Foodbank pantry items, click here for an up to date list of needed items
  • Send offers of accommodation

Please help us to ensure that people are not sent back to harm and are not destitute in our community.