Donate now to provide vital healthcare services

CARAD needs your help to ensure people seeking asylum can access vital healthcare services.


Imagine you or your child is sick. A doctor gives you a prescription for medications and a referral for further tests, but you don’t have any money to buy the medication or pay for the tests.

This situation is all too familiar to people seeking safety in our community. While most people seeking asylum have access to Medicare, it does not cover the cost of medications, specialist appointments, further tests or dental treatment.

At CARAD we are now supporting more people seeking asylum who are living without an income. This is due to newly restricted eligibility for the Status Resolution Support Service (SRSS), which provides some people seeking asylum with an income (through Centrelink) and casework support. If people seeking asylum are not allowed to work or have not been able to find work, then they and their families will be unable to meet their basic needs.

Without the ability to pay for medication and further treatment, health conditions can easily worsen or become chronic.

CARAD is committed to ensuring people seeking asylum can live with dignity in our community. A critical part of the emergency relief assistance CARAD provides is payment for healthcare needs for the people we support. CARAD also has partnerships with healthcare providers including ‘Health In Kind’ who are running Health Care Screening Workshops, where our CARAD clients can receive professional attention from medical professionals specialising in dental, hearing, physiotherapy and complimentary therapies.

Healthcare is a human right. Your donation will help us continue to make it accessible for people seeking asylum.

Any and all contributions help support our clients.