It is through the support of our community, our members and our volunteers that CARAD has been able to impact the lives of more than 5000 asylum seekers and refugees in Western Australia.

CARAD empowers people to become advocates in their own community in a number of ways:

Educational Speakers

CARAD can provide educational speakers to schools, churches and community gatherings, to highlight our work, the issues facing those we support and ways to help.

Our speakers can share about topics such as:

• Facts and myths about asylum seekers and refugees

• Current Australian policies which affect asylum seekers and refugees

• Challenges faced by asylum seekers and refugees in Australia

• Client Stories

• Ways in which your group can help asylum seekers and refugees

For more information about this service please email us or call (08) 9227 7322.


Community Events - Eat. Share. Connect.

CARAD’s food connects people, and FOOD is CARAD’s one common language.

Our ‘Eat. Share. Connect’ programisa weekly community lunch prepared and shared by CARAD clients, volunteers and staff. It is a wonderful opportunity to building understanding and friendship in a relaxed and supportive environment.


CARAD appreciates fundraising efforts which support our work and helps build awareness of asylum seeker and refugee issues in the community. If you are interested in running a fundraiser for CARAD please contact our office to see how we can best support your initiative. 

For more information about fundraising for CARAD please email us or call (08) 9227 7322.