At CARAD we provide a range of services to our asylum seeker, refugee and detainee clients.  All of our programs are designed to provide holistic support to our clients and are tailored to meet their needs. Our clients come to us through referrals from other agencies and through self-referral.

We endeavour to assist every client who comes to us for help in the most supportive way possible.  We value providing a welcoming and inclusive service for our clients and prioritise those who are in the most desperate need of support.

Client Services Program

Case Work – Coordination of services for people seeking asylum to support their basic needs being met and ensure their rights are upheld.

Emergency Relief – Financial assistance to people seeking asylum who are currently not receiving any income and who are experiencing financial hardship.

Healthcare – Support and advocacy for people seeking asylum so that they have access to healthcare services to meet their basic physical and mental health needs.

Food Security – Providing people seeking asylum with little or no income access to fresh fruit and vegetables and pantry items.

Material Aid – Providing practical items to people seeking asylum.

Social Inclusion – Providing opportunities for people seeking asylum to participate meaningfully in community activities.

Advocacy – Providing a voice to people seeking asylum .

For referral to any of the above services please complete a referral form and email it to us.

Volunteer Program

Student Support – Volunteer support for those students struggling with school work due to language barriers.

Detention Visiting – Regular visits are undertaken to detention centres in Western Australia to provide support and advocacy to asylum seekers.

Employment, Education and Training – Our Higher Education Working Party can assist clients with access to a range of tertiary institutions and employment opportunities.

English as an Additional Language Tuition – Weekly conversational English classes for women and tuition in the community for all clients by a volunteer.

Community Lunches – Our EAT. SHARE. CONNECT program provides an opportunity for clients to get together once a week and share a meal, planned, cooked and eaten together.

For referral to any of the above services please complete a referral form and email it to us.

For more information on any of these services please email us or call (08) 9227 7322.


If you, or someone you know would like to make a complaint about CARAD's services please email your complaint to