CARAD provides specialised welfare and advocacy assistance to asylum seekers, refugees and detainees in Western Australia, through our Client Services and Volunteer Programs.

Asylum seeker: A person who is waiting for their protection visa application to be assessed.

Refugee: Someone who has applied to Australia for protection due to a well-founded fear of persecution, and been granted a visa. They may apply in Australia or offshore.

Detainee:  A person held in an immigration detention centre in Australia, and is most likely to be an asylum seeker.

Many of CARAD’s clients do not have the right to work and are ineligible for financial support. Essential components of our Client Services Program are our Foodbank and Emergency Relief services which provide for basic needs for asylum seekers experiencing financial hardship. The Client Services Program also works with other agencies to ensure that we meet all of our clients needs.

We look for innovative ways to assist our clients, accessing the breadth of skills and expertise amongst our volunteers.