Eligibility: Currently hold a Permanent Humanitarian Visa, Temporary Protection Visa or Safe Haven Enterprise Visa.

English as an Additional Language Tuition
If you would like to improve your English language skills or begin to learn to speak, read and write English, CARAD currently runs an English Language Tuition Group Session every Wednesday morning from 10am-12pm.  For women only we run a conversational English class every Tuesday from 10am – 12pm.  These classes are currently held at the CARAD office.

If you are unable to attend our office for tuition and would prefer to have someone come to your home we are also able to provide this service to you. 

Student Support Program
If you are a student or the parent of a student who is struggling with their homework due to language barriers CARAD can provide volunteer support to help you with your homework.

You can meet with a CARAD volunteer at the CARAD office, in the community or in your home.

Volunteer Support Program
CARAD’s volunteer support program can provide you with individual support for you or your family.  All requests for Volunteers to assist you with a range of tasks are considered so please ask for our help.

Travel Loans
If you are from a Humanitarian background and your relatives have been granted a Humanitarian Visa to enter Australia and you need assistance with the payment of their airfares then we are able to assist with a No Interest Loan of less than $2000 towards the cost of their travel to Australia.  Repayments are made fortnightly at a reasonable rate. 
For referral to this program please contact Joanna Josephs tel: 08 9227 0151, complete a referral form or email